Selected Poems


Months to Years, Feb 2024

Dear A.I.

International Times, Feb 2024

Light of the World

International Times, Jan 2024

Becoming Who Dad Was in 1973

Poem for Pleasures that Never Come Again

Third Wednesday, Dec 2023

For Ten Seconds I Consider Dancing

Amethyst Review, Nov 2023

Reflections on Dad's 100th Birthday

Amethyst Review, Nov 2023


Black Poppy Review, Oct 2023

Ruby Slippers


Poppy Road Review, Oct 2023

Start Anywhere

International Times, Sept 2023

Among the Questions Before Us

International Times, May 2023

Meanwhile, Hermes

3rd Wednesday, May 2023

Fall 2023 print issue


Quibble, May 2023

PQ Audio Poetry Awards, honorable mention

Mom in the Kitchen, 1967

3rd Wednesday, May 2023

Summer 2023 print issue


Gyroscope Review

National Poetry Month “Origin Story”

May 2023

Women’s Guild

Cagibi, Issue 18, April 2023

Prayer for Our Failings

The Sunlight Press, Jan 2023

Jigsaw Puzzle

January Review, Number 6, Jan 2023

If we could only imagine a better arc of flight

Amethyst Review, Oct 2022


Months to Years, Fall 2022 Issue

Strangers and Angels

3rd Wednesday, Aug 2022

Winter 2022 print issue

What the World Needs Now

International Times, Aug 2022

When She Sings

Pine Row, Aug 2022

The Waters of Lake Mead

The New Verse News, Aug 17, 2022


International Times, June 2022

Deciphering Morning Sounds

International Times, May 2022


Plum Tree Traven, May 2022



The Indianapolis Review, No. 20, Spring 2022

When You Told Me About Your Garden


Needle of the Heart

Cathexsis Northwest Press

March 2022

Includes Contributor Interview


Amethyst Review, Nov 2021


Amethyst Review, Aug 2021



The Ride

Hole in the Head Review, Vol 2, Issue 3, Aug 2021

Volunteer Gardener

Riding High

The Sunlight Press, May 2021

Tennessee Twilight

Oyster River Pages. Issue 4, Fall 2020

Contributor Interview

Shadow Dance

Cathexsis Northwest Press

June 2019